…on returning

The more things change in SC… you know the rest. I have missed out on commenting on South Carolina’s first real budget of the new depression, the opening stages of the 2010 state election, even the very exciting UK election. I’ll have more time to post in the near future, so I’m coming back in on a suitably inconsequential topic…

The gossip (and politics and science but mostly pop-culture gossip) site Gawker is reporting that Mark Sanford dined over Mother’s Day in Key Largo with an attractive but unidentified dark-haired woman.

Gawker: “My husband, son and I were pulling into the Key largo Island Bay Resort for Mothers Day brunch and who did we see at a table in the corner? Mark Sanford and a very pretty dark haired woman.”

Link: http://gawker.com/5534512/gov-mark-sanford-spotted-with-argentine-mistress-in-florida-keys-updated.

Sanford is divorced now and will soon no longer be Governor.  I hope to see love conquer all.

UPDATE 5/11/10: Confirmed.


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