Colbert casts mind back on hour of triumph

Way back in the second administration of the second President Bush, Stephen Colbert performed at most amusing White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner held to date. Admittedly, most things are funnier than the Capitol Steps, but Colbert was in fine form, and managed to subvert the event just by doing his usual schtick. In the presence of the President, Washington hacks and media lackeys, Colbert came across as a truth teller calling out a mutual admiration society. If you haven’t seen it, Colbert’s performance is here.

South Carolina native, famous person and rumored favorite-son candidate for something Stephen Colbert recently gave a little talk on his 2006 performance at a Second City roundtable. Unfortunately, there is no transcript, but The Atlantic’s James Warren was there taking notes:

Colbert disclosed that he did substantial self-editing upon looking at the president and discerning that he wasn’t ecstatic. He had planned to play off Medal of Freedom awards Bush had given former CIA Director George (“It’s a slam dunk”) Tenet and former Iraq administrator L. Paul Bremer; joshing about how Bush was clearly giving awards to everybody in sight.

“‘But nobody gives this man an award,'” Colbert recalled as the thrust of the riff he scrapped. “‘That ends tonight. I’m going to give the highest honor I can give….a certificate of presidency.'”

It would be akin to “something you get from The Learning Annex for taking a course. ‘I, Stephen Colbert, acknowledge…'” Colbert looked at Bush and said to himself, “I’m going nowhere near this.”

Colbert also confirms that Justice Antonin Scalia seems to have sincerely enjoyed the gag. Scalia is consistently rated as the most humorous Supreme Court Justice.

Read the rest of this short article:

Track the laughs Supreme Court Justices get in court:</a


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