Stop Cliffside: Protesters Chain Themselves to “Superload” Generator in Greenville

Source: Act For Climate Justice

Several dozen protesters organized by Rising Tide took part in a worldwide day of action against global warming by protesting Duke Power’s new coal-fired 1.5-million pound generator as it passed through Greenville, SC on November 30th.  Four protesters were arrested in an act of civil disobedience after chaining themselves to the stator generator.

According to AP: “The generator and trailer…[travel] at about five miles an hour – is scheduled to resume the drive at 8:00 p.m. Monday. The stator will travel along Highway 25 and portions of Mills Avenue, Marue Drive, Washington Avenue, and White Horse Road.

“Duke Energy’s plan is to travel throughout Monday evening and early Tuesday morning hours to a spot on Highway 25 just short of Highway 124.

“On December 2, the stator will begin moving along Highway 25 towards Highway 11.  Duke Energy expects to reach the Cliffside Steam Station, near Boiling Springs, NC by mid-December.”

Coal has long been regarded as one of the most polluting forms of energy production. A recent report by the Physicians for Social Responsibility reiterated: “[c]oal combustion releases mercury, particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and dozens of other substances known to be hazardous to human health.” The report goes on to recommend “that emissions of CO2 be cut as deeply and as swiftly as possible, with the objective of reducing CO2 levels in the atmosphere to 350 parts per million…[and secondly] that there be no new construction of coal-fired power plants, so as to avoid increasing health-endangering emissions of CO2 as well as criteria pollutants and hazardous air pollutants. CO2 emissions from coal could increase 60% by 2030 if current plans to invest hundreds of billions of dollars in new and old coal-fired power plants are realized.”

Duke’s new coal plant has been the focus of protests since at least April of this year. Back then, Stop Cliffside organized a rally in front of Duke HQ in Charlotte to protest the announced plans to expand coal usage at the Cliffside facility, which is 50 miles from the city. Charlotte attorney Ken Davies was arrested in for trespassing in another civil disobedience arrest. Charges against Davies were dropped on November 16th.

Also on, November 16, protesters objected to two awards given to Duke CEO Jim Rodgers by the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce. Protesters offered their own awards to Rodgers in a mock ceremony.

The South Carolina Green Party is currently fighting the Duke rate hike, which is partly intended to finance the new coal plant expansion. After other parties reach agreement on local issues with Duke Power, the SC Green Party remains the only objector to the rate increase. A hearing was held in Columbia on November 30 before the South Carolina Public Service Commission. An attorney representing the party contested the need for the rate hike. Representatives from Duke not only defended the proposed hike, but reportedly stated they would request another hike in 18 months.

Location of the Duke Cliffside Steam Station. 55 miles from Charlotte, just north of Chesnee, SC. 573 Duke Power Rd, Mooresboro, NC‎ - (828) 657-6314‎.


Call to action for November 30th protest:

Stop Cliffside:

Rising Tide, North America:

Asheville Citizen Times article “Asheville-based protesters lock themselves to generator near Greenville, SC”

WSPA article with video, including interview with protest participants: Protesters Chain Themselves to “Superload”  Generator in Greenville

Search of the week:4 people found this entry yesterday by searching “is big generator going through chesnee“. The answer to that question, if you look at the map and consider that the route is up Hwy 11, is yes.


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