Zogby/World Net Daily 7 Candidate Poll

World Net Daily is a right-wing political new site. Its editor, Joseph Farah, is dissatisfied with McCain and has been pushing for a “none of the above” vote in November. WND commissioned a poll from Zogby hoping to substantiate Farah’s belief that most voters dislike the presumptive nominees of the two major parties. The poll was completed on August 10, and does show a lack of support for the current presidential politics, though no minor party appears to benefit.

The presumptions of the poll were different from those normally used:

Unlike any other scientific poll conducted in 2008, this survey asked randomly selected respondents about their level of enthusiasm for presidential candidates and offered the actual alternatives to the major party candidates that will appear on most ballots across the country – as well as the option of simply not voting.

So the survey asked which candidate the responder “most identified with” and found that over 20 % didn’t identify with any of them:

Barack Obama (Democrat) 38.1 %
John McCain (Republican) 33.6 %
Ralph Nader (Independent/Peace and Freedom/Populist/Natural Law/Ecology) 1.6 %
Bob Barr (Libertarian) 1.2 %
Alan Keyes (America’s Independent Party) 0.7 %
Cynthia McKinney (Green) 0.2 %
Chuck Baldwin (Constitution) 0.1 %
Other 2.5 %
Write-in 0.4 %
Still Undecided 21.3 %
Not sure .5 %

This is not good news for the alternative candidates, but probably does reflect the floor performance, givent the relative penetration of the campaigns into the marketplace (for lack of a better term). The inclusion of Keyes skews the result a little bit, he may only be on the ballot in California on what would have been Chuck Baldwin’s ballot line and in Colorado. There is a lawsuit pending to resolve the California party endorsement. This doesn’t affect the findings for McKinney, Barr or Nader within the poll though, as the dispute is on the Religious Right.

Of course, the poll doesn’t reflect the all the benefits of a campaign. I feel that the Green campaign in 2008 is really a rebuilding effort, after the debacle of 2004. There are encouraging signs of deepening activism in Illinois and other states with the Greens, as well as interesting things occurring in the Nader campaign, especially with the Peace and Freedom Party.

The poll asks those who do not plan to vote, why it is that they won’t. A quarter of the respondents gave an ‘other’ answer, which probably reflects the personal nature of the question. 53 % said they either didn’t like politics, or didn’t have the time. 22 % of the non-voters reported exhaustion with choosing between the “lesser of two evils” or that politicians “are all the same”.

And a large majority of 64 % wanted more parties and more choices on the ballot.

So there is space in the ostensible non-voters and undecided voters for growth of alternatives to the two party system, but looks like a long road of local activism in effective politics to get there.

WND report on poll, with links to pdf charts is here.

Independent Political Report posts a brief report with comments on the Zogby/WND poll here.


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