Bryan Smith for York County Council, SC

UPDATE August 13, 2008: Bryan Smith now has a campaign website –

Vote For Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith of Fort Mill is running for York County Council here in South Carolina. He is a Green in a three-way race with incumbent Republican Paul Lindemann and a Democrat, Marion Davenport. Recently this race has attracted some statewide media attention, owing largely to Lindemann’s recent DUI arrest.

I live in Spartanburg County, and so haven’t read much of the York County media on the race. The local paper, the Rock Hill Herald has generally mentioned Mr. Smith in its coverage, but not at length. The most recent article contains only a brief quote from Mr. Smith (G) followed by a long pitch from Ms. Davenport (D) on environmental issues.

Really, the article author, Matt Garfield, only quotes Mr. Smith as a corollary to Ms. Davenport’s professed refusal to raise the DUI arrest.

A similar response came from Green Party candidate Bryan Smith of Fort Mill, a 46-year-old veterinary technician.

“I don’t know that I’d really use that as something to hit him over the head with,” said Smith, whose platform calls for expanded recycling programs and stricter growth policies.

Here’s Bryan Smith:

Vote for Bryan Smith for York County Council, District 1 on Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote for Bryan Smith for York County Council, District 1 on Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mr. Smith is doing the heavy lifting of challenging the two party duopoly on a local level. I’m sure that he has very specific reasons for running and goals for York County.

The article does not quote Mr. Smith on his particular growth policy proposals, but does go on to quote Ms Davenport speaking conversationally in a fiscally conservative pro-environment vein.

This is local politics, I don’t expect candidates to swamp beat reporters with position papers. But if Smith, Davenport and Lindemann’s growth proposals were different, I wish the reporter had indicated the differences between them, rather than apparently grant Smiths’ positions to Davenport.

Link: All Rock Hill Herald articles mentioning Bryan Smith.


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