What Nader’s Campaign is Doing Right, Tactically

  1. The Nader campaign started early and maintained a consistent theme.  Nader declared officially on February 24, 2008, unofficial preparations began in 2007 and even earlier.  The message has always been basically “Nader=Democracy”.
  2. The daily emails are timely, very simple and to the point (they make a direct appeal for cash). And daily. And blogged.
  3. The campaign website is super clean, clear, attractive, easy-loading and has lots of video.  Links are clear and unobtrusive.
  4. The campaign materials are sold through a web store that complements the campaign website very nicely.
  5. The campaign reinvested the $ raised from step 2 into staff to improve the website, support campaign travel.
  6. The Nader campaign enjoys a positive feedback loop. The early start with the daily emails contributed to the positive cash flow, which resulted in small but important improvements that in turn enabled the campaign to get its message out and get more cash.

Nader’s support is trending upward. The campaign has raised millions of dollars and will enjoy primary contest matching funds until the convention of the NYS Independence Party in late September.

Nader is benefitting from the experience of his central staff.  The campaign is built on an extended network and solicitation model that is efficient, but unconcerned with party structure or internal democracy.   Strategically, I feel that is a mistake, since the campaigns message of civic involvement is not reflected in the structure of the campaign itself.  So if the goal of the campaign is party building, then the Nader/Gonzalez model can’t be adopted lock, stock and barrel.

Any campaign could replicate the Nader/Gonzalez marketing steps: a consistent and insistent theme; daily emails that are clearly attributed, briefly informative, and openly and politely seeking funds; a simple website that covers the basics and builds up from its good bones in both content and design.


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    All the factors point to a very large Obama win but its not materializing.

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