Scott McClellan on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman

June 11, 2008:

Ex-White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan Speaks Out on the Bush Admin Lies and Media Allies that Led the US to War

[McClellan] explains his own personal transformation from Bush administration mouthpiece to a critic of conscience and why he’s now sympathetic to the journalist I.F. Stone’s famous advice to young reporters: “governments lie.”


Its funny to me that McClellan speaks to Amy Goodman now, when neither she nor any other DN or Pacifica reporter could/can/foreseeably ever will be called on in a White House Press Conference.

Its funny because, McClellan now says that reporters should have been asking the questions that only Knight-Ritter and Pacifica correspondents were asking in the run-up to the war.

That “no one knew” the administration wanted war is a shared mantra of the White House (eg. Sec. of State Rice) and the mainstream media (eg. Tim Russert).

I.F. Stone would’ve presumed the opposite. The 100,000s in NYC and the millions who turned out around the world at the February 15, 2003 anti-war protests knew better.

If it was known at the time that the war was being engineered and it is almost inarguably true now, then why is George Bush still in office and why is Wolf Blitzer on TV every other night?

I suppose it is because there is no real crisis. The sky isn’t falling yet.


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