SC Dem primary results – no wins for WFP endorsees

None of the Democratic primary candidates cross-endorsed by the SC Working Families Party appear to have won the Democratic primary.

All of the endorsees will now have to decide whether to continue into the general election as Working Families Party Candidates. Eugene Platt in the SC State Rep 115th District has also been endorsed by the South Carolina Green Party.

* = Dem primary winner

U.S. Senate – DEM (Vote For 1)
46 of 46 Counties Reporting
Michael Cone (DEM)    49.67%    72,954 [WFP endorsed]
*Bob Conley (DEM)    50.33%    73,933
Total Votes: 146,887

SC State House of Representatives District 111 – DEM (Vote For 1)
Wendell G Gilliard (DEM) 46.09% 1,444
Clay N Middleton (DEM) 37.76% 1,183 [WFP endorsed]
*Maurice G Washington (DEM) 16.15% 506
Total Vote: 3,133

SC State House of Representatives District 115 – DEM (Vote For 1)
*Anne Peterson Hutto (DEM) 62.35% 853
Eugene Platt (DEM) 37.65% 515 [WFP & Green Party endorsed]
Total Vote: 1,368

SC State Senate District 4 – DEM (Vote For 1)
Roger Odachowski (DEM) 39.41% 318 [WFP endorsed]
*Leonardo Ortiz (DEM) 60.59% 489
Total Vote: 807

Richland County Council District 7 – DEM (Vote For 1)
12 of 12 Precincts Reporting
Kiba Anderson (DEM) 24.42% 661 [WFP endorsed]
Johnny Bland (DEM) 15.44% 418
*Gwendolyn Davis Kennedy (DEM) 44.00% 1,191
Rodney Standiferd Mills (DEM) 3.36% 91
Napoleon Tolbert Jr (DEM) 12.78% 346
Total Vote: 2,707

Results are from the SC Election commission site:


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