“Independent Green” Party of Virginia

(Update 2: August 26, 2008)  The recent brouhaha over who the IGVP will lend its ballot line to is discussed in some detail here at Ballot Access News.   Briefly: the party had circulated petitions for a Bloomberg/Paul presidential ticket.  The use of stand-in nominees is common practice when petitioning begins before a makes its nomination.   Now that petitioning in Virginia is complete, it is unclear who the IGVP will actually place on the ballot.  IGVP chairman Carey Campbell told Elizabeth Benjamin of the NY Daily News that he was going to keep Bloomberg on the ballot.  Richard Winger of Ballot Access News is reporting that Carey told Winger that he was giving the line Chuck Baldwin, of the Constitution Party, a right-wing Christian party very unlike the Greens or Bloomberg, for that matter.  The Virginia State Board of Elections meets in the third week of every month.)

(Update: August 18, 2008. I will revise this post again when I can find more information on the Independent Green Party of Virginia, when it is available on the web. Some of what was written below is self-evidently partisan. I would appreciate (and I think other interested persons would as well) if supporters of the IGVP published more about the party on the internet: what distinguishes it, why they are working outside the two party system, and what distinguishes them from the Greens and from the Reform Party, a movement that their positions resemble.)

Right now, minor parties around the country will be conducting petition drives toward ballot access in November.

Aside from the inherent difficulties in obtain the proper number of signatures in the proper format by the proper people, the fractious and in some cases duplicitious nature of independent politics creates further complications.

A good example is what’s going on in Virginia. Virginia requires petitions containing the valid signatures of 10,000 registered voters, including at least 400 valid signatures from each of the eleven congressional districts.

The Green Party affiliate in Virginia can be found here: http://www.vagreenparty.org/.

There is a competing Independent Green Party of Virginia which can be found here: http://www.votejoinrun.us/

There is not much green in the IGPVa platform, except for the near constant references to passenger rail. The party was gearing up to support Bloomberg in an independent run for president. A picture of the New York mayor clutching a baby still appears at the top of the IGPVa web page. Bloomberg’s not running, so the New York branch of this party is in talks to lend its ballot line to McCain.

The IGPVa doesn’t have a ballot line, so don’t gain much by hitching onto the GOP yet. They even have a picture of Cynthia McKinney down their home page, just hedging their bets.

As has been noted previously the “Independent Green Party of Virginia” has a bad history of false representation. In 2005 they went so far as to submit papers to the Virginia State Board of Elections for candidates who were unaffiliated with, or had never heard of, the “Independent Green Party”

See the comment thread here: http://thirdpartywatch.com/2008/05/21/virginias-independent-green-joe-oddo-confirmed-on-ballot-for-congress/

This press release lumping in the IGPVa’s candidates with real Greens in Illinois and the presidential campaign seems to be more of the same blind poaching. It must be indefensible, since I’ve never seen or heard a response from anyone in the IGPVa.

Incidentally, Ballot Access’ report on the IGPVas affiliation to McKay’s national Independence Party can be found here:


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  1. Hey Scott, I am enjoying your blog. I live in South Carolina, Fort Mill specifically, and used to live in Asheville. Drop me a note if you please. It’s GreggJocoy29715@yahoo.com.


  2. liar liar pants on fire..

  3. The Independent Greens have put state wide candidates – Independents & Greens and other third parties on the ballot statewide repeatedly since 1992..


    1992 – Ross Perot
    1996 – Ross Perot
    2000 – Ralph Nader – Green Party
    The Indy Greens of Virginia collected 18,500 of the 26,00o signatures submitted. It is the ONLY time a Green Party of the United States candidate has appeared on the ballot statewide in Virginia
    2004 Constitution Party’s Michael Peroutka for President
    2005 Russ Potts for Governor
    2006 Gail “for Rail” for U.S. Senate
    2007 Gail “for Rail: for U.S. Senate
    2008 Michael Bloomberg for President, Ron Paul for Vice President.

    …and the 5 to 10 people who lyiing claim to be a Green Party affiliate in VA – Tom Yager, and Kirt Moorjerbee and crowd…never have appeared on the ballot for anything.

    The Indy Greens of Virginia have put hundreds of local and state candidates on the ballot in Virginia.

    Tom and Kirit meanwhile run no candidates statewide, none for state or federal office…and 1 that’s ONE candidate for office in 2007.

    While the Indy Greens endorsed/nominated and assisted over 50 candidates in 2007.

    In 2008…the Indy Greens have a U.S. Senate candidate on the ballot, 3 nominated Indy Greens on the ballot U.S. House, and 2 endorsed candidates on the ballot for U.S. House.

    The Indy Greens are one of the nation’s most successful state third parties in America over the last decade.

    The other little group of folks that claim to be a green party in virginia, are the Liars Club of Tom Yager, and Kirit Moojerbee – who have falsified Green intra party officer elections…

    So Scott West – you lying fucking bastard…congrats on joining the liars club of Tom Yager and Kirit Moojerbee

  4. Thanks for writing.
    While its important to run candidates for office, its not the only thing. The Independent Green Party of Virginia certainly has been successful at getting people on the ballot.
    I decided to write about the IGPVa because was concerned that it had ‘hijacked’ the name “Green” and were misrepresenting themselves to the public.
    The account of the people who were nominated for office by the IGPVa without their knowledge concerned me and has never been addressed by the party, to my knowledge. I would like to hear the other side.
    Politically, the decision to endorse Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Ron Paul would certainly seem to put them in the Reform/Independence Party area. Aside from the laudable position on transportation, there is little in the IGPVa that conforms to the GPUS platform. And in fact, the IGPVa is affiliated with the new national Independence Party being founded out of the NY Independence Party. That’s fine, but you won’t find it mentioned on the IGPVA website.
    All of which leads me to believe that the IGPVa is not on the level. Your email doesn’t do anything to address my concerns that the party is an opportunist outfit.
    I’m not aware of the ins and outs of the intrastate argument that led to the creation of two parties using the name “Green”. I do know that the GPUS affiliate in Virginia is the Green Party of Virgina and it does have a program in keeping with the national GPUS platform, as it should.

  5. The so-called Independent Green Party of Virginia was founded about five years ago when Carey Campbell, who had previously been kicked out of the DC Statehood Green Party and the Northern Virginia Greens, was about to be kicked out of the Green Party of Virginia when he left and formed his own group (the IGP). Anyone who is interested in his shenanigans and the things he did that led to his expulsions is welcome to contact the leadership of the Green Party of the US, the DC Statehood Green Party, or the Green Party of Virginia (GPVA). His petitioning irregularities and habit of “nominating” candidates around Virginia without their knowledge or consent is a matter of public record, and has been well documented in the mainstream Virginia media. I myself attended numerous state meetings of GPVA where Campbell would literally shove his own meeting agenda into people’s hands (massive amounts of paper wasted doing this) to supersede the already-agreed-on agenda that people were there to discuss; pass around a mailing list that he purported as being for the state party but was really a mechanism for him to farm contacts for his own purposes; and interrupt the proceedings constantly with complaints anytime something would be decided on that wouldn’t put him in charge of something. This is all documented and took place in front of numerous eyewitnesses over a period of several years.

    Campbell formed the IGP basically as his own little clique so that he can do what he likes and be in charge of something without having to answer to anyone or to deal with consensus-based decisionmaking, an essential element of Green values which he and his followers despise.

    Any claims that this group ran or endorsed candidates prior to Carey Campbell leaving the Green Party of Virginia about five years ago (I forget the exact date) make no sense, since the
    organization didn’t even exist then.

    They constantly complain about how “the Green Party runs no candidates,” but “forget” to mention that the candidates GPVA DOES run actually have an impact on the community and even get media endorsements (e.g. Josh Ruebner in Arlington, Don Mackler in Blacksburg). GPVA has elected people to office numerous times around the state. Carey Campbell’s group endorses people of any political stripe with no rationale or coherence, sometimes without their knowledge (as indicated above), and the comparatively few people who actually get on the ballot with “IG” next to their names not infrequently fail to show up at candidate forums, provide bizarre answers to questionnaires (see “Gail for Rail” Parker’s classic questionnaire from the 2006 US Senate race that had bloggers howling with laughter), do essentially nothing in terms of real campaigning, set up strange pages on the IGP’s amateurish and flaky website, and have little to no impact other than to make local political bloggers scratch their heads, laugh, or both.

    No one in Virginia takes this group seriously and this is easily confirmed with a quick perusal of the Virginia political media. One look at their website combined with a look at Carey Campbell’s celebrity-filled quest this year to find someone – anyone – to accept his presidential petition signatures (from Michael Bloomberg to Ralph Nader to Chuck Baldwin to T. Boone Pickens back to Chuck Baldwin) tells you everything you need to know. But if you want the historical facts, anyone in the Green Party of Virginia, the DC Statehood Green Party or the Green Party of the US who was around at the time will be happy to verify all of this.

  6. Hugs for CCC
    from Bridget

  7. wie ich dich liebe…oh Brigette….ohne Verglieche…

    mit mein leste Atem…

    ich liebe Dich…

    ..Vote Green Party..

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