UK Guardian on US Geniuses: Roky Erikson plays festival, etc.

According to the June 8th Guardian, Roky has a full set of store teeth, his voice is strong, and he’s headed to England.

On June 18, one month before he turns 60, he will play his first ever UK show at Jarvis Cocker’s Meltdown festival. Erickson is only dimly aware of the man he calls “Jarvis Coker“, but he is pleased to be coming to England for the first time since 1980…Most days he gets up around 2pm and spends his time watching the Cartoon Network. Every Friday, he sees a psychiatrist or a Feldenkrais movement therapist. Although he is oddly passive and childlike, Roky does not seem fragile

On May 25th, Daniel Johnston played the Comedy Store in Manchester “No longer performing two songs and then trying to flee through a window, he plays for an exhaustive 75 minutes and delivers all his “greatest hits” – from a wonderfully childlike Walking the Cow to an astonishing rendition of Go, as covered by the Flaming Lips.”

Lou Reed, who is only irritable to the Rotarian music journalism corps, “…flashes his eyes at me, then relaxes and says: “I would see these ads on the back of fancy magazines for Dubonnet on ice, and it sounded so expensive and had a nice ring to it. But I’ve never been near it.” As he takes Berlin on the road. He first revived the album as a performance at St. Ann’s Warehouse in August 2006. He trots off at the end of the interview without pleasantries, which is refreshingly stoic.


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