Response from the BBC

UPDATE: a month or so after  my Christmas Day complaint to the BBC,on its use of a Focus on the Family production of the Chronicles of Narnia, I received this response from the BBC Information office:

Thank you for your e-mail of 25 December regarding ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ on BBC 7. I apologise for the subsequent delay in our reply. We know our correspondents appreciate a quick response, and it is a matter of regret to us that you have had to wait for so long on this occasion.’The Chronicles of Narnia’, produced by Radio Theater, a production brand of the Focus on the Family company, was not commissioned by BBC 7. The dramatisations were available commercially and as such were licensed by BBC 7.

There had been several requests from listeners to hear this CS Lewis classic; there was in existence a BBC Schools radio version which representatives of the CS Lewis estate judged to be out-of-date and very abridged. Therefore we could not get permission to broadcast that version, but were given permission from the Estate to broadcast the Radio Theater version, which is a quality production with a well-respected British cast including Paul Schofield, David Suchet, Derek Nimmo, Ron Moody, Bernard Cribbens, and Andrew Sachs amongst others. The decision to transmit this production was purely editorial.

As with any other production company, we do not endorse the company’s beliefs and opinions, or indeed fund any companies’ activities. Likewise we do not allow them to use our brand or links to our website.

We are sorry to hear that you feel so strongly about our decision to broadcast these programmes, but hope you understand that the decision was made on editorial merit.

Please be assured your comments have been registered on our daily audience log, an internal document available to everyone involved in the programme as well as senior management. The BBC always welcomes all feedback, as it helps us to make decisions about future programmes or policies.

Thank you again for contacting the BBC.


Jo Bower
BBC Information


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