Watch “The Trial of Tony Blair”

This Channel 4 program has been posted online.

Crooks and Liars has a spoiling review here:

The Trial of Tony Blair’ was written by Alistair Beaton, whose previous feature-length satire, ‘A Very Social Secretary’ focused on the real-life affair between former Labour minister David Blunkett and his American lover, Kimberly Quinn. In this comedy-drama, ‘The Trial of Tony Blair’, Robert Lindsay reprises his role as Blair which this time concentrates on a future where Blair has retired from politics, and is facing indictment for war crimes by the International Criminal Court in the Hague. But where ‘A Very Social Secretary’ was a wickedly funny romp, ‘The Trial of Tony Blair’ has a biting edge that never quite lapses into outright satire. This comedy carries a message with a quite serious intent behind it, blurring the line between what is fiction and what might end up being prediction.

Robert Lindsay is Tony Blair in the dock.

Speaking to the Brit press, Writer Alistair Beaton said:

“That would be terrific if I’d contributed to the public perception of Blair having done something he must pay a price for.

“I did set out, however, from the position of Blair as being fundamentally a man who cares but whose decisions have backfired and he is struggling to live with that.”

The linchpin is Blair’s famous-over-there religiosity. The treatment of Bush is also a appropriately handled. He winds up in rehab.


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